Front to Back Physiotherapy is an independent Physiotherapy practice located in Adelaide.

The Front to Back Approach

The Front to Back approach was developed by Dr. Aileen Jefferis as to the role of the iliopsoas muscle, in conditions including chronic low back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other peripheral joint dysfunctions and pain.


This approach considers muscles to be the primary cause of joint pain and dysfunction as Myofascial Trigger points (tight spots in muscle) as the primary cause of muscle pain and dysfunction as they cause the muscle to shorten, weaken and refer pain to other areas of the body.


Treatment incorporates Trigger Point Pressure Release (formerly known as acupressure) and other techniques to release the trigger points in the involved muscles and restore normal movement. These treatment techniques are based on the work of Dr Janet Travell who was the personal physician to President John Kennedy.


Stretching and self-management exercises are given to enhance treatment effect and prevent reoccurrences. The emphasis of this treatment approach is to encourage self-management of conditions through accurate diagnosis, treatment and the provision of individualised self-management protocols, as appropriate.


The Front to Back approach has been used to effectively treat back pain, neck pain and headaches along with most musculoskeletal conditions for 25 years, culminating in doctoral thesis research at Flinders University in 2016 titled; The Role of the Iliopsoas Muscle Complex in Chronic Spinal Pain and Associated Signs and Symptoms.


Aileen Jeffris Photo

Dr. Aileen Jefferis

Aileen completed her Diploma of Physiotherapy in 1976 in New Zealand. She has worked as a Physiotherapist in Acute and Rehabilitative hospitals, with extensive experience in Neurological Physiotherapy. She developed a keen interest in Myofascial Trigger Points and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and formulated the Front to Back Approach using extensive research and her own clinical experience. She has lectured and taught both internationally and around Australia.


She completed a Graduate Diploma of Social Science (Rehabilitation) at Flinders University in 2001 and her Doctoral Thesis on The Role of the Iliopsoas Muscle Complex in Chronic Spinal Pain and Associated Signs and Symptoms in 2016. Aileen is currently writing articles for publication and working as a clinician in private practice.


Treatments last for 45-60 minutes, to allow for a more holistic treatment and to maximise the treatment effect.


Aileen Jefferis: 0418 784 753